FemtoEngineeringinvests every year about 10% of its turnover in activity research, development and innovation activities considered essential to maintain a constant technological upgrading and competence. The commitment Femto Engineering in innovation has always been considered a priority and strategic activity carried out and the market segment occupied by company.

The innovation engine to act as the launch of activities company took place about 20 years ago, Femto Engineering has indeed taken its first steps in line with the deployment of three-dimensional design and hardware suitable to their management following step by step the growth of technology in various manufacturing areas.

In questo modo Femto Engineering ha lavorato prima a fianco dei maggiori produttori software internazionali e poi ha affiancato le aziende nella fase di implementazione del sistema, per giungere oggi, in presenza di un mercato consolidato, a fornire servizi di progettazione e manufacturing basati sulle soluzioni piu’ avanzate in termini di design, enigineering, reverse, manufacturig, fem analisys ecc.

Consolidated use of such systems Femto Engineering has continued with the search for innovative tools and methodologies that enable it to provide products and solutions with specific intrinsic quality and/or functionality and/or performance and/or cost control.

Over time, the challenges which confront change and require skill and ability. The innovation therefore essential to allow even the best skills to keep these in time