FemtoEngineering is a engineering and manufacturing society, operating in the mechanical and sized to meet the needs of product design, prototype construction, engineering, design and construction of production equipment and production polymer components.

It is able to provide a global engineering, being able to intervene and assist its customers in the early stages of developing a new product to its full industrialization through a series of skills and tools to meet the development cycle that, from the initial design phase, leading to the finished product.

All inside of the working team of Femto Engineering are available expertise in the fields of plastics, metal structural and composite materials. It is also increasingly the experience gained from studies and technical achievements in the fields of avant-garde, on strictly technical details and precision. .

With FemtoEngineering,is possible for businesses that need operational support in the technical and technological study a new product from its setting aesthetic/functional simulate processes construction, build prototypes, the necessary tooling for production and produce a total of continuity and unique partnership, without partitions and with full ADEQUACY operating for the benefit of the development time and quality substantial product. .

The pictures show some of the projects carried out by  FemtoEngineering in the years between 1996 and 2004.