We are going through a new economical, cultural ad industrial revolution. Our age is day by day, farther and farther, becoming the age where we can own everything just as we ask for it, the age where we have “everything and now”: information goes beyond any distance, and empiricism, self-confidence and intuition are no longer sufficient to run a business.As a consequence we need more and more information, and this information must be more and more reliable, more and more rapid, must fill each level, each phase and must be available in every moment. More, more, we need more, whatever we want to do.That’s why Femto engineering exists. This society is due to give to manufacturing factories which in our age develop and renew their products, that “more” which is needed to scoop the competition, to increase profits and present the market well approved products, offering all this for a competitive price.To be able to reach this result Femto Engineering offers that technological competence and specialization which this business has assimilated in years of experience, working together with tens of manufacturing factories in many sectors and carrying out even more functions.22years of experience and 3040 projects are the evidence of a successful story of one of the most enduring and innovative society of management and consulting in the mechanical sector that our national scenario can be proud of.


Femto Engineering offers a Global Engineering service.

Through different competences and highly professional faculties Femto Engineering is able to cope and work next to its clients starting from the first phases of the development of a product until it reaches its complete industrialization.

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